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Health Policy Fellows

The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association is fortunate to have many graduates of the Osteopathic Heritage Health Policy Fellowship Program. Since 1994, this collaborative national osteopathic program has prepared osteopathic physician leaders from private practice, health organizations, osteopathic medical education and associations to prepare, analyze and react to health policy. The graduates help meet the need for qualified osteopathic professionals to carry out health policy roles at the local, state and national levels on both public and professional forums.

Our thirteen health policy fellows are well versed on a wide range of health policy areas ranging from prescription drug pricing to childhood obesity to the emergency medicine, rural medicine, post-graduate medical education, and the business of medicine. All thirteen are members of The Institute for National Health Policy and Research. Arizona’s Osteopathic Heritage Health Policy Fellows are listed below.

Arizona Osteopathic Heritage Health Policy Fellows

James W. Cole, D.O., FAODME
Email: jcolex@arizona.midwestern.edu

James J. Dearing, D.O., FACOFP
Phone: (602)942-8512
Email: jdearingdo@aol.com

Charles Finch, D.O., FACOEP
Phone: (480)675-4809
Email: cfinchdo@cox.net

Deborah M. Heath, D.O.
Phone: (602)954-1502
Email: dmheath@atsu.edu

Jonathon Kirsch, D.O.
Phone: (480)545-6208
Email: jkirsch@atsu.edu

Christopher Labban, D.O.
Phone: (480)497-9414
Email: CLabban@swmed.phxcoxmail.com

Kit C. McCalla, D.O.
Phone: (602)424-0935
Email: blue.boots@yahoo.com

Thomas McWilliams, D.O., FACOFP
Phone: (480)219-6053
Email: tmcwilliams@atsu.edu

Jeffrey W. Morgan, D.O., FACOI
Phone: (602)548-7800
Email: desertharbormed@yahoo.com

Karen J. Nichols, D.O., FACOI
Email: kjn@kjnichols.com

Scott A. Steingard, D.O.
Phone: (602)336-1966
Email: skipnshar@aol.com

Kelli M. Ward, D.O., MPH, FACOFP
Email: kelliward2010@gmail.com

Amanda L. Weaver, MBA
Phone: (602)266-6699
Email: mweaver@az-osteo.org

Jan D. Zieren, D.O., MPH, FACOFP
Phone: (602)993-3808
Email: zierendo@aol.com


Health Policy Resources

The Commonwealth Fund is a private, charitable U.S. foundation (think tank) whose stated purpose is “to promote a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved efficiency especially for society’s most vulnerable.”
Kaiser Family Foundation’s website provides in-depth information on health policy issues including Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs, global HIV/AIDS, etc.

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