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AOMA Website Sponsorship

Sponsorship for the AOMA website is available for $500 per month.  AOMA promotes the use of the site to physician members, medical professionals, and patients. 

Most visits to our site are for:

  • Continuing Medical Education & Workshop Registration

  • Event Registration

  • Medical Alerts

  • Legislative Updates and Call to Action

  • Member Information Updates

  • Dues Payments

  • Patient Education & Med Form Download

  • Physician Directory for Public & Members


Sponsor information / advertisement / link, will be featured on the Home Page of the AOMA Website.  The sponsor may provide web artwork, however, the ad must comply with AOMA's specifications.  If assistance is needed in the design, AOMA staff will work with the sponsor.  If you have any questions please contact Flannery O'Neil, flannery@az-osteo.org.

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