Offer your employees high quality health benefits at an incredible discount to you!
See if you qualify for our lowest monthly premium and put money back in your pocket*!

$500 deductible $1,500 deductible $2,500 (HSA)
$419.00 $375.00 $339.00

Some plan highlights include:

» PPO Plan design (no referral necessary)
» Refund of premium at renewal if claims are lower than projected
» Office Visits, Urgent Care and Prescription Co-Pays, then covered 100%
» Great West Health/Cigna Provider Network (includes Mayo)
» An upgraded Chronic Disease Management Benefit like no other. It covers the “Standard Sets of Care” for 27 conditions at 100%! No Copay. No Deductible.

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“By joining the ASPA Plan, our practice of 20 employees saved over $60,000 in premium while significantly improving our coverage and lowering our employees out of pocket expenses.”

Ramon Carrasco, Happy Kids Pediatrics

“The ASPA Plan saved our small practice of 5 employees $12,000 over the pending renewal. We were able to obtain a higher level of benefits while lowering our deductible, which was a great benefit to our employees.”

Angela Rehl, AZ Sinus Center

“The same insurance we would have paid $1500 per person is now costing $370. We are very satisfied and have had no problems. This is a great opportunity.”

Dr. Ron Bitza, District 1 President, Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association

*These rates represent employee only; Dependent rates also available.

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