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Advocacy Tools

Advocacy Tools



 Find Your District


To find your Congressional and Legislative district, you'll need your home address, and go to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission website.


How Do I Find or Contact My Congressional Representatives?


Make sure you know which Congressional district you live in and click GovTrack.usa.


How Do I Find or Contact My Legislators?


Make sure you know which Legislative district you live in and click on the Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS).



    Arizona Bill

    A simple yet helpful diagram on how a bill works its way through the Arizona Legislature.


    From an Idea…To Bill…To Law - The Legislative Process in Arizona

    Detailed narrative about how the Arizona Legislature conducts its business and how bills become law. 


    Tracking Legislation & the Legislative Process

    Learn how to follow bills of interest, create customize bill tracking lists, and follow the legislative process.


    Track Legislation Online

    Link for tracking bills online.


    Learn How to Request to Speak

    The Request To Speak program allows you to sign up online to speak on a bill that is to be heard in a legislative standing committee.


    Submit a Speaker Slip Online


    Link for submitting speaker slips and positions on legislation (support, neutral, oppose).



    Handbook on Arizona’s Sunset and Sunrise Review

    The Handbook on Arizona’s Sunset and Sunrise Review is a guide for parties involved in the sunset and sunrise review of state agencies, boards, commissions, institutions and programs (agencies). Arizona’s sunset review process requires the Legislature to periodically review the purpose and functions of state agencies to determine whether continuation, revision, consolidation or termination is warranted. Arizona’s sunrise process provides a mechanism for both health professions and nonhealth professions to request regulation and, for health professions, an expansion in scope of practice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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