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Doctors That DO





With the launch of the Doctors That DO campaign in Arizona this fall, the osteopathic profession will gain more visibility than ever, making appearances on billboards, transit stations, and other strategic locations both in print and online media. This affords a unique opportunity for members of the osteopathic community to engage with colleagues, friends, and patients about osteopathic medicine.

Download the Doctors That DO Toolkit 

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Here are 5 simple ways you can make a difference.

1. Talk about it

Research shows word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful promotional tools we have, with 92% of people trusting recommendations made by friends and family more than all other forms of marketing. This reveals the immense influence each of you wields just by opening your mouth to advocate for the profession daily. If half of all D.O.s and osteopathic medical students took a few minutes weekly to talk about it, we can personally tell our story to 2.5 million people in just one year! 

Feel free to reference the following key phrases, which tested positively with consumers and are being used in the campaign:

  • There are two types of fully-licensed physicians in the United States - M.D.s and D.O.s.

  • Our training and education are very similar and equally rigorous, but D.O.s come at the practice of medicine from a different philosophy.

  • We tend to partner with our patients to help them get healthy and stay well.

  • We take a whole person approach to treating our patients.

  • Our focus is on wellness and prevention.

  • We consider the mind, body and spirit, not just the symptoms.

  • D.O.s are taught to see the person inside the patient.

  • We take care of people, not problems.

2. Use a Doctors That DO banner ad in your signature

Beyond engaging in conversations, using a banner ad in your e-mail signature is an easy and effective way to raise awareness about the campaign. Download the Doctors That DO Toolkit to access the full range of banner ads available to you. Here is a sample e-mail signature to get you started:

Sample E-mail Signature:

John Doe, D.O.

City, State ZIP

Learn more at


3. Distribute educational brochures at your office

Brochures are an easy way to educate patients and raise public awareness of the profession. If you are interested in distributing brochures about osteopathic medicine, visit the American Osteopathic Association’s online store at to order the desired amount. There, you’ll find the campaign brochures along with a variety of other campaign-related memorabilia, including posters and other merchandise.




4. Share video ads from the campaign.

Videos are an increasingly powerful mode of communication in this visual age, serving as a clear and engaging mode of communication. The following series of videos were created to illustrate the campaign’s scope and messaging. These can be easily downloaded from Vimeo and shared with your audiences. You are welcome and encouraged to share the following videos on your website, in your office, and on social media.


The DO Difference


5. Advocate & educate on social media.

You can also demonstrate your D.O. pride on your social media accounts by liking and sharing articles, infographics, videos, and testimonials about osteopathic medicine! Each of us has an online community of friends and family who would greatly benefit from understanding what you do. For a steady stream of high-quality content, follow one of the social media accounts below and like and share as you see fit!

Doctors That DO




For samples of FB posts and Tweets for patients, download the
Doctors That DO

Pdf version

Word version